Born with a rope in his hand and spurs on his boots, Jim has spent his entire life with horses. Growing up in southern Alberta, Canada on the family ranch, his parents ensured that he was exposed to good horsemanship from a very early age. He took clinics with Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt and upon finishing high school at age eighteen, spent a winter working with Bryan Neubert. 


Jim has won over $130,000.00 in NRHA events and has  LTE in excess of $200,000.00 He won both the 2000 European Cow Horse Futurity and Derby Championship as well as the 2000 Italian Reining Derby while working in Europe. 

After returning home to North America, Jim became a 3 time Canadian Supreme Reining Futurity champion, in addition to bringing home buckles and bronzes from a multitude of other reining and cow events. 

2011 would mark the first of Jim’s three consecutive Calgary Stampede ‘Cowboy Up Challenge’ Championship wins (2011-2013), and combined with another win at the 2012 Extreme Cowboy Association World Championship in Texas, Jim caught the eye of Tootie Bland and was selected as a Wild Card competitor for the 2014 Road to the Horse event. 


Jim and ‘Maverick’ (Six Flo Buck) went on to win the coveted Wild Card spot, and Jim continued on with ‘Smokey’ (Speedy Cream) to win the overall 2014 Road to the Horse event title.


 Jim and his wife Andrea (who also trains, competes, and travels for clinics) live at Star Bar Ranch in Irvine, Alberta, Canada with their nine horses, two border collies, and a small herd of sheep. Together, they’ve developed their Higher Horsemanship Program and share it with people all over the world- traveling for clinics, demos, and expos, as well as offering online coaching to and from anywhere! Their program is one rooted in deciphering pressure as a positive tool of communication: they help clients and horses connect familiar exercises to new tasks so that consistent and confident progress is made and Jim is renowned for his ability to to demystify the concept of feel- he easily connects the ‘why’ and ‘what’ to the how and when.


Jim believes that helping our horses understand gives them a choice. It sets them up to be active participants in achieving goals- as a team and as partners. He believes that the ultimate connection to the horse is when they truly understand how and where to get comfort- from us.


Born in Vienna, Austria, Andrea was immersed in the horse world long before she could even walk. With her mother being a high level dressage rider and trainer, Andrea grew up at the barn. In addition to successfully competing in high level dressage competitions across Europe, Andrea also pursued vaulting, jumping, driving and endurance riding. 


At one point in her endurance career, she switched her english saddle out for a western one- to more evenly distribute the rider’s weight over long distances. The introduction of the western saddle opened many doors for Andrea and she soon found herself learning about and competing in the western all-around events across Europe- pleasure, trail events, and western riding paved the way for her to find her true passion: reining. By age 15, Andrea was successfully competing in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary in reining events. Her love of the sport eventually led her to the United States, where she was able to coach under numerous reining trainers and train horses herself. 

While managing a barn in Europe, Andrea met Jim in 1996- and over the next seven years, they’d cross paths several times. She eventually moved to Canada and started coaching with and working for Jim in southern Alberta. They were married in 2006.


Andrea loves to cook, and when not working her own horses or on the road with clinics, she also enjoys working and competing with her border collies. 


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